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Purpose: the production of a variety of external walls of masonry, interior wall blocks, wall displaying block, floor plate, berm block, side lock block, curb stone and other masonry. Enhanced fabric device can produce color pavers.
Raw materials: sand, gravel, stone, cement, adding a large amount of pulverized coal Jie, slag, steel slag gangue, ceramic, perlite, construction waste, household waste and other industrial waste.
Mechanical aspects:
1, Skip crutches arm design, flexible propulsion to force synchronization does not cause a whole rack the rigid impact to maximize the protection of the rack to improve the life of the equipment; special fabric system, forcing arch fabric, 360 degrees The rotation has played the role of secondary broken arch, skip spindle asynchronous interaction, fast fabrics, even if the raw material in lightweight aggregate effect is more pronounced Add slag or fly ash like.
2, the company's newly developed a new type of percussion vibration system, has super balance vibration force, to ensure a high degree of consistency make bricks, and the most important is to do high brick, to ensure that the upper and lower density of the brick; using a special damping manner, vacant vibration design thereby separated from the vibration system with the rack, so that the vibration force is concentrated in the mold bottom to minimize the vibration force is transmitted to the rack, the use of special damping mode, low noise ratio other manufacturers of the same model equipment 10-15 dB; minimize the damage to the equipment.
Hydraulic aspects:
1, U.S. imports SUNNY brand double vane pump, the fuel supply system compatible with the proportional valve, double pump vibration system vibration frequency and amplitude were able to adjust, compensate each other. Proportional valve, as long as the touch screen above you can adjust the pressure and flow rate, pressure and flow of each action is set according to the actual situation, and in the same movement, you can set the stage speed equipment running quickly and without impact.
2, Indenter control valve equipped with pilot operated check valve, to ensure the reliability and safety of the indenter action. Even if the valve internal leakage caused by long-term work spool wear increased, due to the pilot operated check valve on the ram cylinder lock guaranteed demolding unrelenting pressure head, the pressure head does not fall in the waiting, maintenance inspection When security is increased accordingly. And in the case of pump does not start, even if accidentally press to the control button, the pressure head will not fall.
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