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XiongHui Machinery adhering to the "all for customers, creating customer value," the service concept, customer demand for the center, and to exceed customer expectations beyond the industry standard "service target class speed, first-class skills, excellent attitude, fullThe implementation of the pre-sale, sale, sale entire process and reflection to enhance service.
Pre-sale services:
1, describes the situation of the company product technology;
2, to provide customers with the construction technical advice and analysis to explain difficult;
3, according to demand, and guide the customer choice.
Sale of services:
1, tracking contracts, is responsible for organizing the various departments to review the contract;
2, the contract is unknown or need negotiation, is responsible to be solved;
3, according to the contract requirements, tracking production and delivery, as well as tracking the production of various external cooperation;
After service:
After-sales service hotline: 15906042577 13506009419
1, in accordance with the contract on time for the user to guide the installation of the equipment, debugging;
2, on-site training, guiding customers to standardize the operation and use;
3, is responsible for receiving and processing customer complaints on product quality and service quality;
4, warranty tracking unscheduled inspections and implement a dynamic management;
5, the warranty period is a problem of the quality of our products, responsible for warranty limited;
6, is responsible for the training of service personnel, and continuously improve the overall quality of the service personnel.
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